Rama Chandrasekaran

Product Manager
San Francisco
Focus Area
Data Science
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Rama, the Product Manager at Pivotal Life Sciences, owns products stemming from biological, clinical, and financial data and combines art, science, and business expertise to build an enterprise-wide portfolio of functionally consistent systems and interconnected products. These products will serve as decision-support tools for investment in the life sciences, empowering investment decision-making in this field. Rama has over 18 years of experience spanning high-tech, finance (quants), and biotech industries as a seasoned product and technical program manager and has successfully orchestrated large-scale initiatives for companies such as Meta, 23andMe, Microsoft, American Century Investments, and Blackrock. Rama is an accomplished leader with a proven track record of leading cross-functional collaboration among C-level executives, VPs, Directors, and teams across R&D, Product, Compliance, Legal, Finance, Audit, Sales, Operations, and Marketing. Rama’s expertise lies in data analytics and constructing quant-based investment ML models, including sentiment analysis and developing impactful dashboarding and alerting systems. Holding a Master’s degree in Engineering Science, specializing in AI and Satellite Communication, Rama has significantly contributed to her field by publishing two influential technical papers in the IEEE journal.