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Tony was Executive Vice President, Head of Research and Development at Crispr Therapeutics. In a period of 4 years, he built a world class R&D engine and a pipeline of over 10 product candidates. He and his team have brought first CRISPR based therapy CTX001, 3 allogeneic CAR–T (CTX110 (CD19), 120 (BCMA), 130 (CD70)), and the first CRISPR edited pancreatic islet progenitor cells (VCTX210) from research bench to the clinic. Prior to CRISPR Therapeutics, he was SVP and Head of Oncology Integration and Innovation at AstraZeneca and oversaw the development and commercialization of Lynparza and Imfinizi (anti–PD–L1). 10 Phase 3 trials designed under his leadership have now read out positive (Lynparza: SOLO1, SOLO2, SOLO3–1L & PSR Ovarian, OlympiAD–TNBC, POLO–Pancreatic, PAOLA – 1L Ovarian, ProFound 2LmCRC, ; Imfinizi: Pacific– NSCLC, CASPIAN 1L SCLC, Poseidon 1L NSCLC (IO+IO+CHEMO). Tony has successfully repositioned a failed NK3 antagonist for PCOS. Prior to joining AstraZeneca, Tony was the head of Neurology and Ophthalmology at Merck and led the development and launch of Zioptan and several Phase 3 programs including CGRP–RA for migraine, A2a–RA for Parkinson’s disease, prostaglandin for glaucoma, and several early programs in neuropathic pain, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease. Prior to Merck, Tony was the Co–Founder and CSO of Neuronyx, a start–up that developed stem cells for heart failure, immuno–oncology and islet cells. Tony received B.S. in Electrical Engineering at UCLA, and M.D. from Johns Hopkins. He was Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins specialized in neuropathy and neuromuscular diseases. Tony described and elucidated the pathogenesis of a new disease called “acute motor axonal neuropathy (AMAN)”. He has published widely in several fields with over 80 papers. He is currently Adjunct Associate Professor of Neurology at University of Pennsylvania and Assistant Professor of Neurology at Johns Hopkins University.