Shiva Amiri

VP, Head of AI and Data Intelligence
San Francisco
Focus Area
AI and Data Intelligence
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Shiva is the VP, Head of AI and Data Intelligence at Pivotal Life Sciences where she is focused on building out our Technology and Data Science function for a growing international venture group. She was formerly the Director of Data Technology and Infrastructure at 23andMe where she built technology for the drug discovery and consumer–health side of the company. Previous to that, Shiva was the Director of Data Science at Zymergen Inc., a molecular technology company in the Bay Area focused on generating new chemicals. Prior to Zymergen, she was the CEO of BioSymetrics Inc., a biomedical machine learning startup in New York. She has a PhD (DPhil) in Computational Biophysics from the University of Oxford and a HBSc. in Computer Science and Human Biology from the University of Toronto.